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That’s the one time EVERYONE knows what’s going on! According to major betting sites, this game is going to be a close one. Reid’s one of the winningest head coaches in NFL history, which must be both a source of pride and deep frustration, since Reid has still never won a Super Bowl as head coach. Of course, now that they’ve forecasted a tight game, one of these teams is going to score 42 unanswered points and 80% of the country will turn off the game before halftime. In the first quarter, Schottenheimer insisted on going for it on fourth-and-11 from the Patriots’ 30-yard line. It’s the first time in history two primarily red teams have met in the Super Bowl, let alone two teams with red-and-gold/yellow schemes. Unfortunately, the football cosmos has aligned in such a way that, no matter what jerseys the two teams wear, the whole game will look like a battle between warring colonies of fire ants. Lately, though, Rodgers hasn’t been doing an excellent job of that, punctuated by two straight poor performances, both on the road. Prior to that game, the Lions had done a decent job getting to the quarterback and impacting the game, collecting seven sacks in three games and doing a decent job at bottling up opposing running attacks.

Originally this competition was known as the UEFA European Nations’ Cup but was changed to the UEFA European Championship in 1968. The format of this soccer tournament started with the qualifying process which determined which national teams were to compete in the games with the only exemption to these qualifying games being the host nation. Regardless of what has happened to both teams in recent weeks, the trenches offer the best key to success in this latest battle. In the game against England, they wore a predominantly orange jersey to maintain contrasting colour shades between the teams. Meanwhile residents of Oregon, Washington and California are suffering the worst, most unhealthy air on the planet according to some measurements under the swathe of yellow and orange smog. Seventy of New York state’s 89 cases are based in Westchester, where a Manhattan attorney was first struck down with the virus earlier this week. This is the first opportunity Garoppolo has had to forge his own path to Super Bowl glory. Listen, we’re watching the Super Bowl to have a good time, not be called out on a personal level.

New Yorkers have resorted to jet skis to get around as Tropical Storm Elsa unleashed torrential rains on the city. Detroit’s defensive line is coming off arguably their worst performance all season against the Kansas City Chiefs in which pressure on Alex Smith was non-existent and the quarterback got loose for several big runs. Key matchup: Lions’ defensive line vs. There were some snags on commuter rail lines Friday, with slight delays on the Harlem Line north of the city and service suspended on the Long Island Rail Road’s Oyster Bay Branch because of fallen trees. When the rubber meets the road, though, the only thing that will matter is execution in between the lines. Jennifer Lopez and Shakira will be performing this year’s halftime show, so if you thought halftime would give you a break from feeling unattractive and physically inadequate, well, you’re wrong. Speaking of halftime, who is performing? This Sunday, the Packers will get a chance to change that narrative once again when thy take on the Detroit Lions, who are fresh off a bye week and plenty of change. What are some other good names to know?

DeForest Buckner, George Kittle and Ahkello Witherspoon play for the 49ers. They all have really good names. California, Oregon and Washington state are battling fires of historic proportion that have razed more than five million acres and left 36 people dead. Doctors say they are still trying to piece together where she went. The Chiefs have tight end Travis Kelce, a five-time Pro Bowler who’s been with the team since 2013. Now you can say things like, “That Kelce, huh? What a football guy,” and everyone will agree. There’s a random nature to his play that can work at times. They need to do that again when taking on Aaron Rodgers, who can make a variety of plays inside and outside the pocket. The two head coaches should make you feel less old, although Kansas City chiefs head coach Andy Reid’s glorious mustache will invite other feelings of inadequacy. The 49ers are led by 28-year-old Handsome Person Jimmy Garoppolo, and the Chiefs are led by 24-year-old Handsome Person Patrick Mahomes. The 49ers are coached by Kyle Shanahan, who sort of looks like how Jimmy Garoppolo would if he peered into a mirror that aged him.

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