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Since then, hundreds cases more surfaced in Delaware, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky. Arriving once every 17 years, the Brood X cicada swarms emerged in May in Maryland, Delaware, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland, West Virginia, Virginia, Tennessee, Florida, Kentucky and Washington, DC. West Haven was also among the coastal cities dealing with significant street flooding. In the Hamptons, the celebrity playground on Long Island´s east end, officials warned of dangerous rip currents and flooding that´s likely to turn streets, like mansion-lined Dune Road on the Atlantic coast, into lagoons. Officials quickly ruled out many usual suspects, including avian influenza, West Nile virus, salmonella, chlamydia, Newcastle disease, herpes and Trichomonas parasites. West Virginia first started receiving reports of the infection in that same month, when it was linked with at least 325 cases of sick or dead birds. The leading theory is the birds were poisoned by Brood X cicadas, whose geographical distribution – and emergence and retreat this summer- lines up nearly perfectly with the rise and decline of diseased bird carcasses being reported. A pile of dead and dying Brood X cicadas and their cast off nymph shells at the base of a tree in Columbia, Maryland.

A map of past, current and projected Brood X cicada swarms. The distribution of states where this spontaneously popped up was an exact match for the cicada emergence map, and it is a very strange distribution of states for this kind of outbreak,’ Elizabeth Bunting with the Cornell Wildlife Health Lab told The Cornell Daily Sun. Somebody paid $28million to go with Blue Origin to space, not even the moon,’ Renata Rojas, of Hoboken, New Jersey, told The Columbian. July 1 (Reuters) – Russian Formula One driver Nikita Mazepin says he will be rooting for Ukraine to overcome England in Saturday’s Euro 2020 soccer quarter-final, even if his British-based Haas team mates are doing the opposite. A total of 60,000 people will cram into Central Park to watch acts including Jennifer Hudson, Barry Manilow and Bruce Springsteen. However, officials told the New York Post that a ‘homecoming’ concert at Central Park was still scheduled for Saturday as of late Friday evening. I kind of need to see it with my own eyes to know that it’s really real,’ she told the paper. Since May, thousands of robins, grackles, blue jays and other songbirds have been found dead or dying, with discharge around their eyes and neurological impairments.

Mycoplasma, a fairly common bacterial infection in finches, can cause swollen eyes but hasn’t been associated with seizures or other neurological symptoms. Injured Lions will be able to do non-load-bearing running in a hydrotherapy pool, with in-built treadmill, and can be treated in the medical suite to be run by Manchester United’s former physio Jonny Picot – a Jerseyman himself. The snow will continue to fall Sunday, in the southern Great Lakes. We don’t want people to be stuck in traffic on the Cape Cod bridges when the storm is in full force on Sunday,’ he said. So if the Lions win in South Africa this summer, their victory will come with a ‘Made in Jersey’ stamp – not that the islanders will want to take credit. So, it doesn’t matter who got he job done, who’s night it was, just knew we came through to get a win. ’ says Harvey, originally from Redruth and an ex-fly-half who started at Bristol with England World Cup-winner Martin Corry. The Chinese collar finally made its appearance at home with the 2016 T20 World Cup jersey, which also had a striped, orange motif across the neck.

The wintry weather created a travel nightmare for millions trying to return home from the Thanksgiving holiday. The National Weather Service has issued a Tropical Storm Warning for New York City effective until further notice. New Yorkers dined out one last time on Tuesday night before outdoor dining shuts down Wednesday ahead of the biggest storm in a decade slated to dump up to 14 inches of snow in the Big Apple. New Yorkers have resorted to jet skis to get around as Tropical Storm Elsa unleashed torrential rains on the city. In Oregon 10 people have been killed, in California 25 people have died and one person was killed in Washington state. Authorities in Jacksonville, Florida, said one person was killed Wednesday when a tree fell and struck two cars. In South Carolina, a Coast Guard Air Station Savannah crew rescued a family that became stranded Wednesday on Otter Island after their boat drifted off the beach. There were some snags on commuter rail lines Friday, with slight delays on the Harlem Line north of the city and service suspended on the Long Island Rail Road’s Oyster Bay Branch because of fallen trees. Meanwhile, meteorologists with Accuweather said that Henri is expected to hit the Hamptons on eastern Long Island with winds up to 75 mph – which would be enough to classify the storm as a Category 1 hurricane.

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